Re: Pennsy box car # PRR81945

Tim O'Connor

Bruce, why would the 1950 ORER not mention the end doors, nor
automobile racks? In fact, there is a note in the ORER (VV) that
these cars had an inside height in the center that was taller
than the inside height at the sides of the car -- I think this
indicates no equipment (i.e. auto loader) stowed in the ceiling.

Tim O'Connor

At 11/24/2009 09:22 PM Tuesday, you wrote:
"scott_w_krause" <> 11/24/09 6:43 PM >>>
Could someone tell me about PRR 81945 a box car with a dreadnaught end
door. It is in a photograph that appears to be in the late 1940's or
50's. I am looking for what era this car would have been in service and
what class of cars they were in. Were they build for a specific type of

PRR 81945 is class X41a, 81890-82089, built 1946. These cars served
into the PC era.

This is a classic "Automobile car". It was likely equipped with
automobile loaders when built, and could be loaded either by the end
door or the side doors. Of course, with the racks stowed, the car could
be used for larger vehicles, or for general lading.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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