Re: Pennsy box car # PRR81945

Tim O'Connor

Thanks, you've got me looking at X41's for the first time... and I
see they have very interesting roofs! And now I see Sunshine has a
kit for each of these cars. Cool!

Tim O'Connor

The end door is the difference between and X41 (no end door) and an X41a (end door). As you stated the X41b were single door whereas the X41 and X41a were double door. The X41c was another double door car without end doors. The only difference I can find between the X41 and the X41c is the class of trucks. The X41 rode on 2DF26 A-3 ride control trucks while the X41c had 2DF26a A-3 ride control trucks. As with other PRR classes the manufacturer may have been different thus the subclass difference.

Rich Orr

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PRR 81945 in 1950 is a 50 foot double door X41a box car - no mention
of any end door. The X41a/X41b series were postwar cars. Many of the
X41b's were equipped for LCL and painted in the Merchandise Service
paint scheme. (They were single 7 foot door cars.)

Tim O'Connor

At 11/24/2009 07:42 PM Tuesday, you wrote:
Could someone tell me about PRR 81945 a box car with a dreadnaught end door. It
is in a photograph that appears to be in the late 1940's or 50's. I am looking
for what era this car would have been in service and what class of cars they
were in. Were they build for a specific type of service?

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