Re: NYC freight car lettering



Your post regarding the NYC Raised Side Boxcar kits that Martin brought out recently at Naperville stated:

The guy who made the masters for these cars told me that the
version of this car available at Naperville is good only for
the Gothic lettering as these cars were rebuilt starting in
1955. The earlier rebuilds of these cars that would have had
the Roman lettering have not been released yet
If this is so, how does this square with what the information Martin shows on the product sheet regarding the rebuilding dates, or does this only apply to the diagonal panel roof cars? Martin has confined the kits to the numbering series 194000-195498 series only. Has he mixed up the series between the Michigan Central period and that of the NYC period? If not, then what would the difference be between the kits put forth and that of the "unreleased earlier rebuilds"?

The January 1952 ORER (effective date 10-51) gives a description of the the 194000-195498 series that appears to match the descriptions in the product sheets with the exception of the type of doors and roof.


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