Re: Prototype Rails 2010: Shake/Take alert.


I believe Southern Car and Foundry who did the castings for the clinic will be releasing them commercially. Other than that all you need is an Accurail stock car kit and some courage.

Jerry Glow

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The S-40-10 is news to me... Where do I sign up? :-)

Tim O'Connor

At 11/25/2009 01:22 PM Wednesday, you wrote:
Friends, Le Grande Schlamazz (i.e. Prototype Rails) in Cocoa Beach is
almost upon us, a time to also alert those working on their UP S-40-10
Stock Car Shake/Take kit projects to bring their work for
collaborative display. It makes no difference whether they may be "in
progress", or are in fact completed. Everyone appreciates, and
everyone learns.


Denny S. Anspach MD

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