Re: Prototype Rails 2010: Shake/Take alert.

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Bruce Smith says:

You needed to sign up LAST YEAR as it was the shake and take clinic for
2009 <G>. There will be be a new shake and take for 2010.
Yep. Thanks to Greg Martin, Jim Singer and Denny Anspach, [ hope I have not overlooked anyone ] who attend Prototype Rails annually, plus some manufacturers including Accurail and...ooops...can't mention the 2010 car yet, the Shake/Take clinic is unique to Prototype Rails and you have to be there to participate.

Speaking of Prototype's the latest flyer:



80 Clinic Presentations By The Following Clinicians

Mike Rose Tom Madden Gail Komar Dick Flock Joe Oates Ralph Heiss
Howard Goodwin Bill Darnaby Tom Bisset Larry Kline Bruce Smith
Andy Sperandeo Andy Harman Richard Hendrickson Dave Ramos
Marty McGurik Bob Webber Jon Cagle Frank Peacock Scott Mason
Ken Edmier Tim Maslyn Dan Zugelter Mark Amfahr Bob McIntyre Brian Nolan

Jeff Cauthen Tom Wilson Bill Schaumburg Greg Martin Steve Orth
Mont Switzer Tony Koester Tony Thompson John Cantlay George Eichelberger
Bill Welch Lance Mindheim Jim Langston III Roger Hinman Jared Harper

Ted Culotta Mark Vaughn Bob Miller Rick Bell John Roberts
Stan Rydarowicz Bob Johnson Jim Singer Frank Angstead
Harold McGee Mike Moore Locomotive Lee Mike Brock

Manufacturers & Dealers

Walthers, Rapido, Intermountain, Broadway Limited, Southern Car & Foundry,
Speedwitch Models, Tangent Scale Models, Westerfield, 5th Avenue Shops,
Funaro & Camerlengo, Bob's Photos, John C. La Rue Photos, Jay Williams
Photos, Mainline Photos, ACL/SAL Historical Society, Trolleys N' Dollies


COCOA BEACH HILTON HOTEL, 1550 N. Atlantic Ave. [ highway A1a ], COCOA

1-800-526-2609 or 321-799-0003. Refer to Prototype Rails for $99 Room Rate.

Preregistration is $35, Please make your check payable to "Prototype Rails"
and send to Marty Megregian; 480 Gails Way; Merritt Island, FL 32953.

For early arrivals, there will be a dinner at Durango's in Cocoa Beach
Thursday evening Jan 7, at 7 PM. We will meet in the Hilton lobby at
6:30.Following the dinner we will return to the hotel for slide shows and
clinics. A special dinner on Saturday, Jan 9, for Prototype Rails attendees
only will be available for $ 23/person. Tickets are required and must be
purchased no later than Saturday morning. Tickets may be purchased and
reserved in advance and included with the cost of registration. Registration
plus dinner is $58/person. Spouses not attending presentations do not have
to register.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Mike Brock at: brockm@... or

The website is at:

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