New ART Steel Reefer Run Is In


Hello everyone!

The Amarillo Railroad Museum and Missouri Pacific Historical Society are
pleased to announce that our newest run of ART steel ice reefers arrived
today. These are painted in the classic reefer yellow and boxcar red scheme
with Missouri Pacific and Wabash heralds and the ART shield. They are
numbered in the 33000 series which denotes 24000 series cars which had Equipco
mechanical fans added in the early 1950s. There are six numbers available,
all are RTR, no kits right now. Price is $32.95 each plus shipping. ARM and
MPHS members get a 10% discount. Texas residents must add 8.25% sales tax.

Order from our web site now: _www.amarillorailmusuem.com_
( .

Great Christmas gifts!
There are only 293 cars in this run.
They will soon be listed on e-Bay.


Jerry Michels

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