R-40-2 Re: MTH PFE Reefers

pwkrueger <kruegerp@...>

I was able to get a picture of the MTH R-40-2 last weekend.

Here it is if anyone is curious....

Were all of these cars rebuilt into something else before WW2?

Seattle, WA

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I just realised, I didn't make it clear I was referring to MTH's HO
line. Not that it seems to be that much different to their O gauge line
in accuracy!

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I hate to mention toy trains on this list, but perhaps it's worth
getting the record straight on it!

What's the expert opinion on the new MTH PFE reefers shown in their
catalog, along with their articulated UP 4-12-2 and "Operating Action
Cars"... clearly their copy writers have at least skimmed through the
esteemed Mr Thompson's tome on the subject, as they've quoted a
paragraph from it, but is the model actually any good? I have my
doubts, but perhaps eventully MTH will get SOMETHING right and they
would be worth picking up.

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