Re: Prototype Rails 2010: Shake/Take alert.

Bruce Smith

"rockroll50401" <> 11/26/09 8:55 AM >>>
These 'Shake/Take' models the guys come up with are really neat little
challenging projects, very satisfying, if you show the respect of
building them. I really feel bad when I see less rhan a third show up on
the display table the next year. Who can't build one model in a year?

Clark, if you wait until Nov 1 to start, like I did, then the pressure's
on! Then, in the midst of making progress, the rivet counter in me
shows up and I just have to make a couple of more changes... My S-40-10
will be there, although in what shape I have no idea! I do have an
additional 2 reefers based on the Kahn's project of several years ago
that will I'll bring as well - part of the group of cars that DID get
built this year <G>.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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