Re: New ART Steel Reefer Run Is In

Ed Hawkins

On Nov 26, 2009, at 9:47 AM, Schuyler Larrabee wrote:

I have two questions:

Why is the order of the two heralds reversed on the model from the
prototype photo just above it?
Was the other side of the prototype similarly reversed?
According to the ART painting & lettering diagram for this scheme used
during the 1950s, the MP emblem was located nearest the "B" end and the
Wabash flag nearest the "A" end (see RP CYC Volume 2 pages 54-55). This
means that the location of the emblems were reversed on opposite sides
of the car.

In the photo of ART 33320, the right side of the car was stenciled
incorrectly since the Wabash flag is closest to the "B" end. It is
unknown how carefully ART followed their own lettering diagram. Most
photos show the diagram was correctly followed, but 33320 was not. For
the model, the diagram was followed.
Ed Hawkins

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