Re: Prototype Rails 2010: Shake/Take alert.

Greg Martin


No reason for you to stumble and get hung up use this list to get the
answers you are looking for and to move forward...

Build it and we shall come... 3^)


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Clark Propst wrote:
Who can't build one model in a year?

Actually to me it happens regularly. I work on a model until I get stuck
and don't know how to proceed. Sometimes it is a part I need, sometimes
unclear instructions or often simply figuring out how to hold, fasten, shape,
create or install a particular part.

Once the project has stalled another shiny new object comes into view and
becomes the next project.

My current goal is to actually complete some past projects. I have 6
freight cars I plan to have finished by Cocoa Beach.

Here's my list and you can all hold me accountable
2 PSC Van Dyke tank cars
1 Speedwitch Pressed steel tank
2 Sunshine WM DD box
1 Tichy War Emergency Gon

Ned Carey

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