Re: Prototype Rails 2010: Shake/Take alert.

Greg Martin


I am always humbled by Denny and his heart felt appreciation of the
project(s) but he forgets to remind you that he to presents a detail analogy of
how to adapt the ACCURAIL Scale couple to each project.

Then John Greedy has taken the time to do a one page write up of historical
interest regarding he project.

For this years as well as last years project Richard Hendrickson (who does
know the exact project) has provided much of the inspiration as well as
technical support. And trust me he has planted the seeds for next years as
well which I am equally excited about.

So far we can thank 5th Avenue Cars Shops (Jim Singer), ACCURAIL ~twice~
(Bob Walker and Dennis Storzek) and Branchline (Bill Schneider at the time)
for their generous contributions of the kits, KADEE (Sam Clark) for roof
walks on the past kits, and last years offering from Southern Car &Foundry
for the resin cast ends (now the center sill as well), Eric Cote for his
generous effort in creating the magnificent artwork for the decals and Jim
Singer again who has generously absorbed the cost of the decals. It's about a
lot of folks you never even know. This years involves new contributors.

With regards to the concept, Clark is correct, the idea has always been one
of creating from the parts provided. This has drifted a bit but it is good
to see the variation on the theme. I looked back to see how many varied on
the KCS project and it was not that many in reality, two were moved to
Branchline kits, one had removed and replaced the ends, but only 17 of the 36
showed up. No word on whether these folks had trouble or what.

Many thanks to Schuyler who is the moderator of the SHAKE N TAKE group and
to follow along you didn't have to be present, just a wish to learn. Thanks
to Richard Hendrickson for his extensive photo library he has contributed
and Dick Berry who has a work in progress spread sheet on the actual cars.
Some members have multiple cars in progress of the S-40-10. And I believe
that Schuyler wants to include past and future projects or at least at one

In keeping with tradition the SHAKE N TAKE for next year will be announced
this weekend and again the spots this year will be limited to only 30
kits, and 50 handouts. The pre registration will allow for 20 spots to go via
emails to me ONLY OFFLINE, first come first serve. The other 10 spots will
be reserved for WALK IN folks at Cocoa Beach first come first serve. You are
always welcome to sit in and if need be I will send out extra handouts of
the kit after the event in limited cases if you were there and didn't get
one. I will post updates to this list as to which spots are filled.

This years will be a good one and very limited. A good study in freight car
evolution, thank you Richard.

In keeping with a very early request from Denny, the project doesn't
duplicate a prior project, i.e., not another wood reefer, 40-foot boxcar,
50-foot boxcar, or stock car. So the concept is fresh and inviting. I will say I
would think that many will see this project and want one.

Oh yes please remember to bring all your past S-N-T projects as Jeff calls

See you there!

Greg Martin

Denny writes:

Shake/Take is an outstanding Clinic concept dreamed up by Greg Martin about
four years ago for Prototype Rails, and then executed by Greg and his
partner in the shadows, Jim Singer. The concept was an old fashioned one: kit
bash an existing commercial freight car, core, or kit to represent an
interesting and/or distinctive car not otherwise modeled or available. The cars
done so far: A KCS USRA rebuild box car; A Kahns Meat Reefer; A PRR 50'
welded boxcar; and this years car, a UP rebuild stock car. The core parts and
special decals (if needed) are donated by very generous manufacturers and
Greg selects the project, works it up, creates masters (if required) and
then authors basic instructions. Jim researches what's available, and then
rounds up special materials. It is left up to
modeler to provide labor, imagination, skill, and basic raw materials,
i.e. styrene, wire, etc.

The two of them cannot get enough kudos for their sheer generosity.

Although Mike kindly gives me some credit, my *only* function has been to
blather on.

These projects place squarely on the front burner the considerable
traditional skills and creative demands of scratch building coupled to the very
core of those subscribing to the concept of Prototype
modeling, i.e. modeling from photos of the real thing. It is totally
fascinating to me to observe what different "takes" very different very skilled
and imaginative modelers have as to just exactly what
replicating the prototype demands, and then deciding how to replicate it
with the materials available, or- to modify it, finesse it, or simply ignore

To better foster the collaborative nature of these projects, Schuyler
Larabee and Jeff Aley initiated a Shake/Take Yahoo! Group that serves as a
central clearing and meeting house for those working on these projects.
Speaking personally, it has been immensely helpful as other participants turn up
helpful photos, and plans to share. Most helpful of all are the observations
of other modelers as they discuss their takes and modeling methods, and
the compromises that they are willing or not willing to take. Always
startling is a participant pointing out to the rest of us an essential prototype
detail that has been front and center of every single photo, but has been
utterly missed by any one or more of us (I completely tore out an entire
meticulously fabricated "origami" underframe after one such shameful episode!).

I have not the slightest idea what Greg and Jim have cooked up for the
2010 edition. Right now, I am utterly immersed in completing this year's


Denny S. Anspach MD

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