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Paul Krueger wrote:
I was able to get a picture of the MTH R-40-2 last weekend.

Here it is if anyone is curious....;current=PB210392.jpg

Were all of these cars rebuilt into something else before WW2?
The model pictured in Paul's photo has a vertical-staff brake, making it part of the first 1000 cars in this 2000-car class. It also models an as-built car, since it has the single grab iron at the left of the car side. There were also about 1400 cars from older classes rebuilt into the R-40-2 configuration in the 1928-1930 period, so almost 3500 cars at one time were classified as R-40-2.
These cars were all built (or rebuilt) with wooden superstructure framing. Many were accordingly rebuilt again (or reconditioned) by World War II. By 1950, all the cars originally built new as Class R-40-2 had been scrapped, but many of the rebuilds did continue in service a few more years. By the year I model, 1953, very few of even the rebuilds remained in service, but it's hard to track the R-40-2 cars rebuilt into, say, R-40-9, of which there were hundreds. The point, perhaps, is that those cars no longer carried R-40-2 car numbers or class lettering.

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