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Ed Hawkins

On Nov 26, 2009, at 11:32 AM, Mike Brock wrote:

I note that the reweigh date yr is 1955. Since I hate to model in the
future, when might this paint scheme have been implemented? IOW,
could an
earlier reweigh date be correct for this paint in the
The following ORER data is specified for the ART 33000 series:

3 cars 4/53
7 cars 1/54
54 cars 4/54
54 cars 1/55
114 cars 4/55

It should be noted that ORERs dated 10/51 through 1/53 all show 50 cars
assigned to the 33000 series. However, I don't trust this data as being
accurate since the numbers were much lower beginning in April 1953. The
32000-series cars came a little earlier with 84 cars listed in 10/52.

I offer the following information to help clarify differences in ART's
reefers that were all lumped together in the ORER reporting. Cars
having ends with square corners were originally numbered 24000-24449
(450 cars total built from 11-39 to 11-44). These are the cars
represented by the MPHS/ARM model. Similar cars having round-corner 4/4
Dreadnaught ends were 24450-24699, 35000-35049, and 36000-36024 (325
cars built in 1945-1946).

It's my understanding (but not verified by any ART company
documentation) that the first two digits of the 24000-series car
numbers were replaced with either "32" (Preco electric) or "33"
(Equipco) when the cars received air-circulating fans during the 1950s.
Therefore, the highest number of any car having ends with square
corners (as the model has) would be 32449 or 33449 depending on the
type of fan that 24449 received. Correspondingly, the original
24450-24699 cars having 4/4 Dreadnaught ends with round corners were
renumbered to 32450-32699 or 33450-33699. In the quarterly ORER
reporting, the maximum number of renumbered cars from original series
24000-24699 to the 32000 and 33000 series was 302 (in 1955) and 381 (in
1959), respectively.

Interestingly, a photo taken 4/3/54 of ART 24582 shown on page 15 of
Gene Green's Refrigerator Car Color Guide had been freshly repainted in
the 1950s scheme, but it apparently had not yet received fans so it
retained its original car number. It's certainly conceivable this could
have also happened to some of the cars having square corners.
Therefore, this example shows that the MPHS/ARM model having the 1950s
scheme could also conceivably have its original 24000-24449 car number,
particularly cars repainted between 1951 and 1954.
Ed Hawkins

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