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I have Champ HN-81.

It includes the road name, various size reporting marks and end reporting marks, numbers for sides and ends.  It does contain the round herald, whicm mesures out to 30 scale inches.  It also contains the "symbol of Service" slogan, but it is "stacked" symbol of over Service, rather than angles as on Ted's set.  The size of the slogan is larger than on Ted's set as well.

The set contains enough to letter two cars.

Hope this helps.

Jim Brewer

Glenwood MD

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I have a future project to create a P&WV boxcar from a Proto kit. while
researching the options I am coming up thin on P&WV decals. Ted has a set in
his kit and Champ still lists the set below. does anyone have the set and
can tell me what is included, what size herald, and does it include the
symbol of service slogan?

PITTSBURGH & WEST VIRGINIA Road Name Set, White, roadname & numbers, plus
herald, set will letter 2 models. Order HN-81 for HO Scale

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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