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Armand Premo

Hi Greg please consider my request to be considered as a participant.Armand Premo

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Hey Yuze Gize,

In keeping with Tradition... This is the formal announcement for the 2010
Cocoa Beach Hands on Presentation, AKA Shake N Take (thank you to our own
Mont Switzer)

This years event is extremely limited so if you don't have any intent of
building the kit and just want the handout and you MUST BE THERE then let me
know, I will keep a separate list for those folks. If you WILL BE THERE
FOR SURE and want the kit let me know as we'll take reservations for the
first 20 folks, the balance will be first come first serve at the door. As
usual there is no cost to the registered attendee.

With very special thank you to Richard Hendrickson we will be presenting a
41' IL DT&I/GM&O gondola conversion. The kit is made possible by a
donation from Athearn Trains. It will consist of resin ends and Tahoe Model Works
TMW-207 AAR Self-Aligning Spring Plankless Double Truss Trucks.

This year will be a bit different than in the past, as the kits will not
come in the form of a knock-down kit as there were none available and the
kits will have to be striped by the modeler. Unfortunately I wasn't able to
secure the kits prior to the change at Athearn. Nonetheless, with this minor
shortfall we decide it was still a very worthy prototype for most modelers
as the life span actually exceeds the scope of this list even though the
cars were built in 1941. The only real impact is one extra page to my
handout on how I propose you strip the car safely and on extra slide in the Power

As resourceful as you/we are as modeler(s) if this should cause second
thoughts please, please don't take a kit that another might finish.


Greg Martin


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