Shake N Take Results

Greg Martin

Here is how we stand so far. Remember email me off list.
_tgregmrtn@... (mailto:tgregmrtn@...)

I will split the list for those that are looking for ends, decals and
handout only at a later date.

Greg Martin

1.) Armand Premo
2.) John Burroughs
3.) Mike Moore
4.) Denny Anspach
5.) John Greedy
6.) Dave Sieber (memo to myself~does not require a kit ~ handout and
decals only)
7.) Tony Thompson
8.) Dave Hussey
9.) Lindsay Raley
10.) Bill Welch
11.) Jim Singer
12.) Roger Hinman
13.) Mont Switzer (memo to myself~does not require kit~handout and decals
14.) John Cantlay
15.) Gary Laaskso
16.) Schuyler Larabee
17.) Al Brown
18.) Ned Carey

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