Re: Prototype Rails 2010: Shake/Take alert.

Jared Harper

I would have liked to be in the Shake and Take group last year, but somehow I missed the call. A stock car is something I can use on my layout.
Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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"the rivet counter in me shows up and I just have to make a couple of more changes"...Bruce Smith

Bruce I understand, but that's not what these kits are about. We are to build them as per the very high quality instructions. They offer techniques most have not have tried.

The KCS car is a prime example, most of the 10 or so models that showed up the next year used a different body. I built mine as the "Shake 'n' Take" crew intended. Brought it back to diplay, then gave it away : )))
We were operating on the guys layout I gave it to the other week and the car looks good!

But, I think the bottom line is "You can take a guy to the model, but you can't make him build it".
Clark Propst

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