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The regularly scheduled 95/96 trains on the Howard branch ran with a mixed combine until 1960. However, there were occasional stock, rock, and work extra on the branch. In addition, the Howard interchanged with the South Kansas Division at Moline and the Eastern Division at Emporia, both served by "caboose" trains.

In going through the documentation of James Burke I found mention of 1727 on the S. Kansas at Moline, the 1375 (wood side) at Moline, and the 1901 on four occasions at Climax or Eureka with a stock extra. The 1893 was seen by Burke 5 times in El Dorado and Chanute, so I am confidence it was through Moline several times. I will model all of these for my Howard Branch mode. Unfortunately the only one I have a photo of is the 1727. I welcome photos from any source.
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In a word... NO. You will not be alone on such a list... limited as it may be.

The doodlebug powered mixed trains (#79-80) on the Gridley Branch did not use a caboose. Even when the motorcar was on occasion replaced with a more conventional type of motive power, the train carried a Coach-Baggage-Caboose mixed train combine.

I also believe that Steve Sandifer's Howard Branch operations will be "cabooseless."

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Will I be the only steam era Santa Fe modeler that won't have one of the versions of a steel or wooden caboose on their layout?
Jared Harper
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Thanks Steve,

That's very useful. I'm working on four of these cars right now myself. I've already decided to use Tahoe Model Works Bettendorf Swing-Motion trucks, and LaserKit window screens, both of which look more like the real thing than the kit parts.


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