Re: Rock Island Fowler Cars

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... we are thinking that the San Juan Fowler in 0 scale would
look very good in Rock Island lettering...

Yes, the Rock Island cars with wood ends appear to match the D&RGW
cars in all the features I can distinguish in fuzzy photos. The steel
end cars seem to be the same, except for the end. In fact, I have an
extra San Juan kit squirrelled away with the intent of doing that
kitbash someday. It will be quite a while before I crank up the
ambition to scratchbuild the ends - maybe in the meantime a suitable
part will appear!

M&StL had similar cars (copies of the RI cars ?), so there's one more

Does anyone know how how Rio Grande and Rock Island happened to get
identical (or nearly so) cars ?

jack Mullen

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