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As I understand this so far, the Bohn patent covered a hatch cover
that allowed the hatch plug to be left open while still baring
access to the ice bunker, while the Moore device is a permanently
installed heater.
The important Bohn patent, created by John Ames (No. 625309)
and sold to Bohn, was a "syphon" system of curved metal strips in the
bulkhead between the ice tanks and the car interior, supposedly to
assist air convection. There were also Bohn-patent details in the
collapsible bulkheads used in some cars. The hatch cover, to me, is
NOT the important Bohn device. I discussed this, and provided
literature citations, in the PFE book.

Tony Thompson Editor, Signature Press, Berkeley, CA
How'd I miss signing my name?

Thanks Tony. I wasn't aware of the internal workings of the Bohn device. Apparantly, there were some details to improve circulation in the Moore system, so they DO overlap in function.

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