Re: UP freight car lettering color dates/repaint intervals.

Tim O'Connor

Anecdotally speaking, some cars built in 1940 were repainted for
the first time in the mid to late 1950's, and there are published
photos of UP box cars with white & yellow lettering in the mid 50's
if not later. Needless to say many were never repainted again after
they got their Be Specific paint...

Tim O'Connor

Hi Denny,

Actually, Terry Metcalfe's book, "Union Pacific Freight Cars, 1936-51," gives the date of the change from white lettering with yellow slogans to all yellow as the beginning of July 1947. He quotes various dates from correspondence and drawings, but they mostly cluster around that time. As far as I can recall, however, he doesn't say anything about the interval at which cars were repainted.

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