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Schuyler Larrabee wrote:
Mmmm, certainly not what the paint chemist who mixed Scalecoat told me . . . Weaver at Quality Craft referred me to the chemist to ask about mixing such a paint. He said that he was in the process at that time (this is ca. 1982 or so) of finding suitable substitute coloring agents to be able to match the colors he'd created when lead was an acceptable component of paint, and that it was proving to be an extremely hard and frustrating exercise. He believed that it was simply not possible to achieve a dead match to colors prepared with lead compounds. IIRC, this also applied to a few other coloring agents, but I don't
Two points: first, I was responding to Denny's comment about VIVID colors, not about precise color matches. And second, if I were going to do color matching, I'd hire an artist, not a chemist. Visit any art store and tell me you can't get colors to be mixed. About that Erie green? That one I can't answer, but I'd be REALLY surprised to hear that it "can't be matched."

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