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Schuyler Larrabee wrote:
Sure you can go to the paint store and get any color you can find matched, at least pretty close. But that's latex, generally, and your average house painter or housewife who's decided it would be great if the dining room were painted a nice green is not the same customer who is going to take a bottle of paint and airbrush a swatch of
it onto a card and go hold it against some prototype in a museum . . .
Um, no one mentioned house paint until now, Schuyler. You will notice I was quite specific about art supply stores, not hardware/ paint stores. And BTW, the ability of the modern paint store to match pretty darn accurately, anything you bring them, can be pretty useful if you're, say, restoring a depot. But that's not what I was on about.
And please, let's NOT revisit that thread about whether or not the EXACT correct prototype color is really the right thing to put on (indoor) models.

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