Re: box car colors

Tim O'Connor


I have a JPG color sampling of ACF box car reds from Ed Hawkins,
each color on a vertical strip, all the same size. If I change
the "background" color of the strips from white to black, there
is an immediate strong shift in perception that the colors are
now darker and more similar to each other than when the background
was white. The PFE emblems are white lettering on dark backgrounds.
The dirt layer is simply dark over an orange background. Take
the photo into Photoshop and clip the heralds, and play with
different background colors. I think you will perceive them very
differently depending on the background colors and brightness.

Tim O'Connor

At 12/5/2009 01:48 PM Saturday, you wrote:
On those dirty ol' reefers the UP and SP heralds/logos stand out is though they do not have the same coat of smuts as the rest of the sides. Except for the repack fields, the cars do not otherwise seem to have been sponged off, so does this result from the paint on the heralds being smoother and less retentive of road dirt?

Barry Roth

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Tim O'Connor wrote:
This photo nicely illustrates why "which color is correct" is moot
unless you're modeling a brand new car -- In the
background of this shot you can see two IC box cars, and then two
P&LE box cars. Note the great contrast in the colors of cars
belonging to the same railroad.
And how about those three PFE reefers? <g>

Tony Thompson

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