Re: Lead - was Scalecoat 1 etc

Schuyler Larrabee

So just what colour are we trying to match?

What I was looking for when I wanted a paint alternative to Accupaint (and >>really<< need now!) was
the light gray-green used in the horizontal band on ERIE passenger equipment. Some Express
passenger equipment, which may have been hauled by steam, but was certainly used within the list's
era limits, was painted this way ( so we're a least lightly touching list content here). It is a
color that EMD never used on any other road's power, so it's not like there is a secondary market
for it.

I spent a couple of months working with relevant colors of Scalecoat 1, attempting to develop a
repeatable match to a valid sample I have somewhere, and it came very close but was slightly too
dark. It was measured in drops, a standard unit of measure. When I tried to add white, Scalecoat's
white contains quite a bit of blue, which whacked everything out of shape. VERY frustrating.


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