Re: Lead - was Scalecoat 1 etc

major_denis_bloodnok <smokeandsteam@...>

It was measured in drops, a standard unit of measure. When I tried to add white, Scalecoat's
white contains quite a bit of blue, which whacked everything out of shape. VERY frustrating.
A good place to start with older grey-greens is to assume that it is likley to comprise a basic mix of black, yellow and white which may be adjusted with a few more expensive pigments. The original paint was probably lead based, and lead white would have been a key ingredient.

If the Scalecoat white has a slight blue cast - not unusual as this is a common trick to counter yellowing - increasing the amount of yellow in your mix may help compensate for this. If am am trying to removea blue cast I usually try to work with yellow ochre shades as the pure saturated yellows can shift the resulting colour too far towards green.

I am not sure I can offer much more for Scalecoat, but I do keep a few bottles of Ceramcoat and Liquitex acrylics for adjusting acrylic model paints.



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