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Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>

Many military vehicles use an olive green-type color. Adding white to lighten usually doesn't work well, as you found. The solution that has developed over the years is to use a WW II German color called dunkelgelb or dark yellow (which is really a light tan) instead of white.


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From: Schuyler Larrabee

What I was looking for when I wanted a paint alternative to Accupaint (and
really<< need now!) was the light gray-green used in the horizontal band
on ERIE passenger equipment. . . . I spent a couple of months working with relevant colors of Scalecoat 1, attempting to develop a repeatable match to a valid sample I have somewhere, and it came very close but was slightly too dark. It was measured in drops, a standard unit of measure. When I tried to add white, Scalecoat's
white contains quite a bit of blue, which whacked everything out of shape. VERY frustrating.

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