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The FCC you reference is close to what I consider to be correct. I tend to look for a little more of an orange cast to fresh FCC. That being said, the color in the photo is what I would expect with some exposure to the elements.

As for the blue (mentioned in another posting) in the right hand hopper middle row, that is fairly easy to explain. Look how far down the inside of the car the blue appears. Blue Coal company, (yes it really existed even if the various "Blue Coal" paint schemes are bogus) sprayed their coal with a blue dye after loading in hoppers. While this was a subsidiary of the LV IIRC, the so called Anthracite roads frequently absconded with PRR hoppers for loading. The color of the blue and the depth of it on the inside would seem to support this spraying of a load of Blue Coal as the source of the blue coloring. Nevertheless an interesting detail for one or two H21a or GLA PRR hoppers.

Rich Orr

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Looking at that photo, I would be more tempted to think that the charring of the
end of that particular car was the result of that bane of the industry at the
time... a hotbox. If the car needed thawing (and often they would in the
winter... iron ore was relatively wet when it came out of the ground) the scorch
marks (if any) would be more towards the center of the car.

I would also like the other PRR fanatics here to observe the color of the
interior of the car in the immediate foreground... that's (at least to my eye)
close to what color FCC really was. However, I have to offer a caveat... these
transparencies were originally shot on Kodachrome and Kodachrome tends to be
weak on reds, so the color may well be more intense. But to my eye, it looks
correct, with just enough orange in it to be right. All of the cars in this
photo looked like that when freshly painted, but time, temperature, climate and
environment have wreaked havoc on the base color.

Bill Daniels

Tucson, AZ

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This is a personal favourite. Standard Railroad of the World modellers on
this list can opine on standard PRR freight car red, but here's at least nine
PRR hoppers, each of a slightly different hue--

http://www.shorpy. com/node/ 2799?size= _original
One has a lot of leeway in matching STMFC colours.

Steve Lucas.

The hopper behind the one being loaded has "two" colors on one car, and it
triggered a recollection of a very recent conversation with modern rail car
equipment manufacturers - the heating of hoppers to thaw the load. Even today,
this is an environmental challenge for any electrical equipment that may be
installed on a rail car (ECP braking).

I wonder what an over-aggressive thawing attempt would do to WWII era paints?
Could explain all of the cars that look more like charred grey than FCC.
Especially the "two" color hopper in the photo - perhaps someone was too
aggressive trying to thaw one end?

This would likely be a phenomena unique to hoppers?

Dave Evans


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