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I believe that several of those RR's mentioned did not actually go into Omaha. Milw, CGW, and Wabash all terminated their traffic in Council Bluffs. I seem to remember that C&NW and Rock Island did the same. Most all traffic went thru the UP yard in Council Bluffs before being moved across the river. There are several river crossings so hard to remember where they came into Omaha. IC had it's own bridge north of Omaha, CB&Q crossed at Pacific Junction and the C&NW crossed into NE at Missouri Valley...

Maybe beyond the scope of this list but I would like to more about the traffic patterns around Omaha. Anyone with other info please contact me off list...

George A Walls

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Tim O'Connor says:

??? What do you mean, 43 RRs converged on Omaha?
Well...didn't every RR reach Omaha? I mean...I know that some of
the more
minor RRs like NYC, Pennsy, SR, N&W, C&O, Santa Fe and SP didn't
but just
about all the Granger roads did. The point is, however, that a
number of RRs DID go to Omaha...Rock Island, Milw, CB&Q, CGW, CNW,
MP, IC, &
I am shocked! - shocked, I tell you - to find our illustrious list
Nazi -er, leader - engaging in rhetorical exaggeration. The 43
railroads he claims served Omaha turn out to be only nine, the eight
he mentions above plus the Wabash, which he overlooked. A fair
number of railroads, granted, but not even close to e.g. the Chicago,
St. Louis, or Kansas City metro areas.

Richard Hendrickson

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