Re: Tichy Gondola

Richard Hendrickson

Does anybody known anything about Tichys latest offering, an injection
molded (or moulded for our friends north of the border) kit for a war
emergency gondola?'s coming in several varieties, i.e. factory
painted >2-3 roads, unpainted and unpainted with a set of decals for 5-6
roads. I don't >suppose there will be any variety of detailing to match
known prototypes, will >there be? Like different ends, brakes, board
spacings, steel siding or no >siding at all (to match the car in the
Byron, as I'm not well connected at Tichy, all I know is what I've heard
second hand. I doubt that there will be variants of the sort you
enumerate, though it's my understanding that they will eventually do the
steel sheathed version. Tichy is apparently using Funaro's research and
decal sets, FWIW. The car body is supposed to be in one piece with
separate ends. What provision has been made for weighting the car remains
to be seen, but with the open side framing below the floor my usual
procedure of slapping some wheel balance weights on the bottom of the floor
obviously won't work.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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