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Richard Hendrickson

I have two unfinished projects on my plate. #1 is an M&StL 72000
series double deck stock car (hogs for Deckers). I'm using a photo of a
73000 single deck car and in-consist dd shots as guides. If anyone has a
photo of a 72000 I'd like a copy, Please.
Clark, I have only one photo of a M&StL 72000 series stock car, and it's a
(not very sharp) low-angle in-consist shot of 72017 (the car next to it is
a Maty box car). You may already have this photo, but if not I can scan it
and send you a JPEG.

#2 is a URTX 4800 series
reefer that were leased by the M&StL (dressed poultry from EG Morse). It
was suggested to me to use a TYCO wood side reefer for this car. I chose
to only use the TYCO sides, I used Details West 4/4 dreadnought steel
ends, a modified C&BT underframe, but the photos I have unfortunately do
not show the roof very well. I can't believe the M&StL was the only road
to lease this style of reefer. Can someone clue me in on what to use for
the roof?
I have several photos of these late URTX rebuilds, including one of URTX
4815 with M&StLK stenciling (apparently these cars were rebuilt in the late
1950s/early 1960s, as 1960 is the earliest reweigh date I can find). They
were leased to the Soo Line as well as ther M&StL and also operated in
short-term leasing service with no stenciling for a specific railroad or
shipper. It appears from the photos I have that they had diagonal-panel
steel roofs and pressed steel Equipco hatch covers. InterMountain makes
both diagonal-panel roofs and Equipco hatch covers for their PFE R-40-25
kits, though I don't know whether they would work dimensionally with the
Tyco body.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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