Re: Route card or tariff late 40s for Winona Railroad

Mark P.

I would like to see a tariff card as well. Online photos also show Virginian, L&N and Southern hoppers, as well as N&W hoppers.

An advertisement is at <,430>, along with many Winona photos.

I don't have my references handy, but as I recall, this routing was the result of a Supreme Court ruling around 1911. Both the NYC and PRR would interchange the coal with the Winona at Warsaw, IN, then the Winona would take it 16 or so miles north to New Paris where it would interchange with the Wabash, using shared interchange tracks with the NYC. The Winona paralleled the NYC (Big Four's Michigan Branch, today's NS Marion Branch) from Warsaw through New Paris to Goshen, so the NYC interchange at Warsaw always seemed strange to me.

Mark Plank
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Would anyone perchance have a late forties tariff or route from the N&W, NYC,
PRR or other coal source, over Winona RR to the Chicago area? (the interchanges
were at Warsaw and New Paris IN)

In 1948 the Winona transferred 3,900 car loads of coal from the
Pennsylvania and New York Central to the Wabash at New Paris, by 1951 the number

of loads of coal had dropped to 1,277. 1951 also showed 1,309 cars of sand
and gravel shipped from the pit at Leesburg and 400 cars for the Litchfield, now

AMPI plant. Despite this freight business, the Winona was no longer

A conductor friend says these were in N&W hoppers.

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