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I usually do not comment on this group, mostly because somebody eventually gets things pointed in the right direction, as this thread is going. However, I thought I'd fill in some yet unmentioned info about the early (pre 1950) PS-1s.
In 1947 Pullman Standard started to build their proprietary PS-1 box cars and they called them PS-1s in 1947, however, there were a number of details carried over from the AAR 40' box cars they were building to the early PS-1s. They used the AAR underframe on the first PS-1s until they began using their own designed PS-1 underframes. The actual transition date or production lot number when this happened is still unclear, at least to me. The underframe went through constant up grading through the years until the 1954 cars. The exterior visual differences were, as mentioned, the last roof panels on the ends were smooth, there were no rectangular reinforcements under the peak on the ends until 1949, the tabs on the side sills were smaller, the end ladders had straight runners on both sides, and the top end grab irons had three mounting points and the bottom grab iron was different, some of the corner stirrups were a bit different too. There were quite a number of other minor difference between the 1947 to 1949 and 1949 to 1950 and 1950 to 1954 PS-1 box cars, also, there were differences between cars from the two Pullman plants of Michigan City, IN and Bessemer, AL.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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Bill, Steve and Brian described some pre-1950 "PS-1" differences.
I'll take Tony's word that Pullman was using the PS-1 designation
in 1947, but there were a lot of differences not only between these
cars and later PS-1's but a number of differences between different
railroad orders for such cars. This is the reason Kadee and others
have never produced a pre-1950 "PS-1" -- there isn't just one car
to do.

IMO the best solution is a series of resin kits! All we need is
someone who knows how to build excellent masters. :-)

The 3-foot rule works ok on the layout, but not on my workbench.
The OptiVisor tells no lies!

Tim O'Connor

>I have been reviewing photos for some time and it appears to me that the only revision necessary to get real close to a Bx-52 starting with the Kadee Bx-57 is to change the door to a 7-panel Superior type. I have even seen a photo of a Bx-52 with the 5-panel door version. A little more work could reshape the tap at the frame a bit. I must confess, I have no idea about the roof. From my point of view -- especially with my eyesight -- such modifications of the Kadee PS-1will pass the three foot rule.
>If I am missing something, please educate me. One is never too old to learn something new. Besides, this is my next project so if I am going to screw this up it would be most helpful to know in advance.
>Bill Keene
>Irvine, CA

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