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Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Richard and List Members,

Does anyone know the original build date for these RI gons? I'm wondering if they would be approriate for my 1929 era. As we have the Intermountain 40-foot USRA wood-side gon available in N scale as a starting point, this would be a fun kitbash in N scale.

- Claus

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On Dec 9, 2009, at 8:51 PM, Luke wrote:

Looking for backround info and modeling suggestions for a unusual
(ex-Rock Island?) gondolas leased by AC&Y (see pics) in the late
1950's for pipe traffic. There were ten cars, series ACY
1510-1519. ORER data shows these gons to be 70-ton, 1727 cuf,
48'11" IL, 4'0" IH, drop ends, wood floor and unknown type trucks.

I'd like to model these... am open to ideas.... perhaps kitbash two
Intermountain USRA composite gons using styrene to simulate the
metal sides? Any ideas appreciated. Also, would like to find
drawings or additional photos.
Luke, kitbashing a couple of IM USRA cars by adding two additional
panels in each side would get you very close to the RI/ACY gons
dimensionally, since the RI cars were essentially stretched USRA cars
to start with. But you'd have to replace the ends with Dreadnaught
drop ends. As those kits have separate wood sides, replacing the
wood with styrene to represent steel sheathing should be simple
enough. Trucks would be a problem, as they are Dalman 1 level with
Barber lateral motrion devices between the springs and bolsters,
which no one makes in HO scale. The closest trucks would be Tahoe's
Dalman 2 level with Barber lateral motion devices. I have some
additional photos of the cars in Rock Island service, both wood and
steel sheathed, but none of the cars that went to the ACY.

Richard Hendrickson

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