Re: dual gauge freight trains

Roland Levin


I just would like to add that they had dual gauge couplers on some of their standard and narrow gauge engines for switching duties in Alamosa. They usually used two dual gauge coupler cars on the trains to Antonito. One just after the engines and one after the cut with standard gauge cars before the narrow gauge cars. Narrow gauge cars were normally not placed in front of the standard gauge cars to avoid the risk of damaging the narrow gauge cars in case of an emergency brake application. Exceptions has been seen!

Roland Levin
Stockholm, Sweden

Correct, Tim. The Grande usually ran this segment of the railroad with narrow-gauge K-36's and K-37's pulling both standard and narrow gauge consists. The standard gauge cars were dropped off before and in Antonito, and the train then continued west over Cumbres to Durango.

This was the last Class-1 steam operation in the country.

Bill Daniels

Tucson, AZ

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