Overland tank car

Dave & Libby Nelson <muskoka@...>

I recently purchased an Overland brass model of an "ACF single dome,
insulated, low pressure, 8000 gal, tankcar (product # OM-3133). It has a
standard dome, dome walkway with handrails (think athearn), and what appears
to be a tank-long, narrow, L bar welded on each side of the tank -- about
2/3rds of the way down.

In checking the ACF book I see there are similar cars made in the early 50's
(for DOW). I'm hoping I can paint and decal the car for something pre 1950.
Does anybody know what Overland was trying to do replicate? Or what kind of
commodities would be carried in such a car?

Thanks in advance.
Dave Nelson

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