Re: Ertl USRA DS biox cars


Clark Propst wrote:

I came across three Ertl DS USRA box cars still in their boxes and one
without a roof. I remember using that roof on another project. Now, I
need to know if any of these cars were re-roofed by any road? Or, were
there clones with different roofs?

Two of the cars had Details West 4/4 square corner Dreadnaught ends
with them. I suppose I wanted to make more M&StL 52000 series cars.
Anyone know of any pictures of these cars? I've already cut the ends off
the Ertl cars, so I'm committed, or should be : )

From a very old post ... "A neat feature of this kit [Ertl] is that the
roof is removable so that a load can be applied. ... this feature is
excellent for those who would want to model the roofless NYC coke cars
or the SP&S's pulpwood cars with extended sides (which you can't do
easily with the Accurail kit)."

Of course now the ends maybe incorrect.


Bob Witt

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