Re: Outside Braced AC&Y Gondolas

Bob Lucas

Wow, quite a surprize... that the AC&Y gons were ex-CNW.... thanks, Jerry. Seem to recall that the Standard Steel Car records still exist, but I'm not sure where? Does anyone know? I'd still like to locate drawings and additional photos for these CNW 72201-72299 series 48' composite gons. Bob


Bob, the cars you are looking into are ex-C&NW built by the Standard Steel Car Company as composite drop-end 70 tons cars. The C&NW rebuilt them in the early 1950's with steel sides, and if I am not mistaken, from the photo that had seen, the rebuilding work was done at the Butler, Wis. shop tracks.

Here is a builders photo to clear-up all this.

It seems that the C&NW sold them off to both the CRI&P and ACY at some point in time in the late 1950's.

Happiness, Jerry Stewart
In a very cold Woodstock, Ill.

Looking for backround info and modeling suggestions for a unusual (ex-Rock Island?) gondolas leased by AC&Y (see pics) in the late 1950's for pipe traffic. There were ten cars, series ACY 1510-1519. ORER data shows these gons to be 70-ton, 1727 cuf, 48'11" IL, 4'0" IH, drop ends, wood floor and unknown type trucks.

I'd like to model these... am open to ideas.... perhaps kitbash two Intermountain USRA composite gons using styrene to simulate the metal sides? Any ideas appreciated. Also, would like to find drawings or additional photos.

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