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Michael Aufderheide

I've tried to round up a list of prototypes (or near matches) of
current Accurail models, derived from various sources on the WWW.
Here is my list: any improvements, additions, corrections & comments
are appreciated -- especially for those models appropriate for
discussion on the STMFC list.
Thanks, everyone for your comments to update the list. Here's an
updated list. I've also included the original descriptions for the
models which have been updated, in case anyone wishes to comment on
the accuracy of the changes made to the descriptions.

#2300 Canton Car Co. Great Northern Twin Hopper
GN 73000-73099 built 1929 and GN 73100-73199 built 1930 by Canton Car
Co, Canton, OH

#2400 USRA Coal Hopper
Original USRA design (year?).

#2700 55-Ton Wood Side Twin Hopper
NKP 30000-30749, built 1918

#2800 55-Ton Panel Side Twin Hopper
USRA rebuilds by Union Metal Products. SLSF, RI, others.

#3400 PS-1 Boxcar
Amalgam of PS-1 details: Roof 1947-50, eight foot door 1951+, ends
1951-53, side sills 1954+.

#3500 40' AAR Single Door Boxcar
1944 AAR standard design, 10'-6" height, R/3/4 late improved
dreadnaught ends. Resemble ACF boxcars built circa 1955 to 1961 for
SOO, D&M, T&P (with full-length side sills), CB&Q and C&S.

#3600 40' AAR Double Door Boxcar
Cars built by GN, ca. 1956. Roof and fishbelly side sills of GN
3000-3499 built 1955 and the sides and double 6' doors of GN 3500-3999
built in 1956.

#3700 41' AAR Steel Gondola
1941 AAR design built for ACL and GM&O.

#4100 40' Outside Braced Boxcar - wood doors and wood ends
CN 500500-503499 cars built 1923, also AC and GTW.

#4300 40' Outside Braced Boxcar - wood doors and metal ends
GTW 1 1/2 door auto cars rebuilt with single doors after reassignment
to CN.

#4500 40' Outside Braced Boxcar - metal doors and metal ends
USRA based.  What Roads???

#4600 USRA Double Sheath Wood Boxcar
USRA double sheathed

#4700 40' Wood Stock Car
Great Northern 56050-56248, built in 1957 from wooden boxcars
constructed in 1919. The model has Murphy 5/5/5 rib ends; some
prototype cars had these ends and others had Murphy 6/7 ends.

#4800 40' Wood Refrigerator Car
BREX 75000-75999 built 1926, rebuilt without ice hatch platforms c. 1950.

#5000 50' Single Door Riveted-Side Boxcar
ACF 12 panel boxcar- SP and MP. (Branchline did the more common 16
panel sides.)

#5200 50' Double Door Riveted-Side Boxcar
Close to SP class B-50-36 and B-50-38, with some work on the side sills.

#5700 50' Welded-Side Single Door Boxcar

#7000 6-Panel Outside Braced Boxcar with wood ends
Closest match are several groups of IC cars built in the early
twenties by Haskel & Barker, Western Steel Car Co, and ACF.

#7100 6-Panel Outside Braced Boxcar with Dreadnaught ends
IC 176000 - 176999, built in 1927 by Pullman.

#7500 70-Ton Offset-Side Triple Hopper
AAR standard of 1935. Production of the prototype cars began in the
late 1930s and continued until at least 1960.

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I searched the yahoo group messages and found this:
http://home. ~kantz1/open_ hoppers.html
Sincerely, Mark Morgan

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Could you repost it to this site?


Jim Fellows
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Sorry about that--it is message 31616 in the Modern Freight Cars List. I subscribe to both.

Steve Kay

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When I locate 31616Â I get a message about N&W H2A hoppers.


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