Re: USRA Twin Hopper identification

Bill Welch

The L&N also thousands of clones with brake wheels and cast side frame trucks.

Bill Welch

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I have uploaded a couple of photos of a USRA 55ton twin hopper model. I am hoping the collective wisdom of the list can help me identify some possible matches with actual prototype deliveries; particularly to north eastern lines. As I understand it the main spotting features are the brake wheel, the cut lever and the gusset were the side rail meet the side sheet.
I am collecting info towards building a small layout depicting Montreal in the late teens or early twenties. My preliminary research shows that quite likely these cars would have shown up regularly in Montreal at this time.

The photo are in the files section in a folder titled "Brian S"


As far as I know, all the twin hoppers ordered by the USRA had lever action hand brakes; there were no alternate versions. That immediately makes these models of cars either modified later in life, or "clones" ordered by the railroads after the control by USRA ended.

As for a suggestion for a protorype for the model in the photos, New York Central had thousands of clones built in the early twenties that had brake wheels on vertical staffs as does the model.


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