Re: Orange & Lemons Shipped West

Cyril Durrenberger

Could they be melons from Texas?

Cyril Durrenberger

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foxtrackin50 (not signing his name) wrote:

might depend on the time of the year, dont know for sure but citrus
might have been out of season in calif.

Nope. The Texas and Florida citrus has just bout the same

seasons as California-- shorter if anything.

The likely reason, as Bob Chaparro said, is diversions, though

usually a diversion is an intermediate point in the expected route of

the produce. So California citrus might be shipped care of an agent or

broker in St. Louis, so the shipper could wait and see where the best

prices might be, further east. The idea of LOADS destined Los Angeles,

especially a crop like melons, seems pretty odd. If they were

Southeastern watermelons, they probably wouldn't be in PFE or SFRD

cars, and ditto the citrus if it were from Florida.

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