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Bob Lucas

John, Here's a Bob Richard photo of WB pipe moving on the AC&Y. The scene predates the 1957 arrival of the ex-CNW outside braced gons, but is typical of steam era consists on Ohio's "Road of Service". AC&Y-NKP offered second-day service to ESTL. High value merchandice freight was handled on the AC&Y's daily mixed. Bob

I for one would like to see a photo of these gondolas loaded with pipe.
John F. Cizmar
Steve, the AC&Y cars (ACY 1510-1519) were also leased from US Railway Equipment. The lease date was July 5, 1957 for an eight year term, though three outside braced gons were still on the AC&Y roster as of Oct 1966. It appears both the AC&Y cars and RI 84558-84599 series were ex-CNW composite gons built by Standard Steel in 1929.

Youngstown Sheet & Tube was a big AC&Y customer... am reasonably certain the AC&Y cars were assigned for westbound pipe traffic. As the AC&Y didn't actually go to Youngstown, routing would have been Erie or B&O-Akron-AC&Y-Delphos- NKP-Estl-Connections. Photos show pipe typically moving in multi-car lots... it's interesting to see those blocks of pipe laden gons in late steam era consists. Those were the days! Bob

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Sorry to be so late to comment on this topic. We were out of town last week.

The group of gondolas pictured as going to the AC&Y do not appear to be original Rock Island cars. According to the diagram sheets, the Rock Island leased 100 gondolas from USRE in late 1956 and 57. While their inside length is the same, the are notably different in inside depth and outside framing.

84500 - 84557 were built in 1946 and leased in 1956. The diagram does not say who built them and for what railroad. They had 12 side panels, meaning that there was a center vertical. There were 5 inward sloping diagonal framing members on each side of the center. The end panels had no diagonal. The inside depth is quoted at 5' 2". We had a picture of 84501 in our Morning Sun Color Guide.

84558 - 84599 were built in 1929, again for and by whom, is unknown. They were also leased by the RI from USRE in early 1957. This would include the cars shown in the original links with 11 panel sides with a blank center panel and four panels on each side of center with an inward sloping diagonal. The inside depth is listed at 3' 11-1/2".

The Rock Island steel framed general service gondolas were, in my opinion, quite elegant, but with no convenient models available in HO. Nearly all were orignally drop bottom and so seem to ride higher above their trucks, as Richard has already mentioned. The series that became AC&Y cars do not match the RI "look." In the back of my mind, I have a Rio Grande reference for these cars, but I do not recall where that originated and I don't see anything near the surface in my files.

It would be interesting but out of list scope to know when these cars actually went to the AC&Y. According to various ORER's the RI still had 41 of 42 in the 84558 - 84599 series in January of 1962. That number was down to 15 three years later and was just 2 at the beginning of 1967.

I hope this is useful.

Steve Hile
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Thanks Richard! The AC&Y gondola lease shows a 1930 build date.
Note Al Westerfield' s DEC 1930 ORER (CD) shows 2000 Rock Island
"coal gons" in the RI 187000-188999 series. These were 48'6" IL,
same as the AC&Y cars, but 5' IH. Presumably, these were delivered
with wood sides?
Yes, and drop bottom doors, so they sat higher on the underframes and

Richard Hendrickson

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