Re: UTLX tank cars


On Mon, 12 Mar 2001 17:05:49 -0500 Larry King <> writes:
At 04:59 PM 3/11/2001 -0500, you wrote:
Dear Larry,

Your idea is great. You could probably guarantee a manufacturer
each of the 200 or so people on this list would buy ten
underframes. But
how could they cover the other 48,000 or so they need to sell to
make any
money on it.
Maybe, but I see that Tichy sells his tank car underframe for
$4.50 and I
bet even for twice that you'd have a market. Look at all the diesel
parts that are available. Are there REALLY that many people who are
diesel detailers?

You missed my point, but I'll try to make them again.

1 Tichey has had his tank car on the market for 15-20 years and never
did sell very many of them because of an unfortunate choice of
unprototypical accuracy. He also does his own tooling on the cheap and
I'll bet you he still hasn't recouped his out-of-pocket on that kit. He
sells the underframes relatively cheap to get something out of it, but
since he doesn't have much in to begin with, they're cheap. Probably
cheaper than the Chinese would charge.

2 LifeLike and InterMountain have pretty much sated the market for a
good looking, buildable (or built up) tank car for those hundreds of
thousands of modelers who just want a tank car that doesn't look like the
Walthers/TMI/Mantua pieces of dreck that had overrun the market

3 DA and DW don't do their own tooling. They are at the mercy of people
who charge them great sums of money for products that they (DA/DW) are
familiar with and feel they can make a buck off of. Why should they get
into making tank car parts with absolutely no knowledge to base their
decisions on?

4 Would you want unknowledgable manufacturers making those parts and/or
decisions? Have you seen the early version of the IM PFE R40-10? Have
you tried to guess why they brought out a super version of it for 7 bucks
more? For us to pay for their lack of smarts the first time they tried
to do it.

4 If someone wanted to lose money making HO models, they'd be better
served making something that builds out of the box, uses a maximum of 3
materials to produce, comes painted, and needs no other parts purchased
to finish it. Like a Beano wagon top box car.

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