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Richard - I did that to see CBCs at the Crerar Library in Chicago. By mistake I showed up at the distribution center where I saw troglodytes heaving priceless volumes off a truck in the most careless way, spilling books, tearing bindings, etc. Good luck.... - Al Westerfield

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Thanks to all who have replied so far on this matter. The only "local" library of which I am aware that carries any of these is the Oregon State University library, and they have the issues from 1918-1948 in off-site storage. You have to request them to bring them to the library. Since the library is about a two-hour drive away and you have to ask for items in storage in person the day before you want to use them I was hoping to avoid having to ask for all 31 volumes just on the hope that something relevant exists.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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Richard Townsend wrote:
> Here's what I suspect is a forlorn hope: is there a comprehensive
> index to these publications? If not, other than by going through
> each issue, how does one find anything about, say, a steam era
> freight car? If there are annual indices, and they collected
> somewhere?

I"m not aware of a comprehensive index. The publications
themselves prepared quite good and detailed annual indices, and these
have usually been bound into the front of annual bound volumes at
libraries. I have used them quite successfully over the years, and
have found them accurate and complete.

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