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My wife is a librarian, and if she wasn't I would probably not be aware of EBSCO (poke around at, a firm that offers both subscription services, searchable indexes and electronic accession of a vast field of periodicals. At least some of their indexes include Railway Age and other Simmons-Boardman pubs, though I haven't been able to confirm how far back in time those might go. EBSCO provides professional services to libraries, but some librarians grant patrons direct or supported access to the EBSCO research services they subscribe to. The specialized indexes like those that would include Railway Age (business, engineering, transportation) might only be subscribed by some academic and well-endowed reference libraries (like OSU's). And EBSCO subscriptions do get dropped when library budgets are cut, so it's harder to get to it every year.

So ask around. There's no doubt that Railway Age, like virtually all durable periodical journals, has been indexed in searchable format-- but getting to that index might take some doing. If you're really lucky you'll locate a hot reference librarian who's been around the block and is fluent in EBSCO and will do the hard work for you. Best,

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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Richard - I did that to see CBCs at the Crerar Library in Chicago. By mistake I showed up at the distribution center where I saw troglodytes heaving priceless volumes off a truck in the most careless way, spilling books, tearing bindings, etc. Good luck.... - Al Westerfield
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Thanks to all who have replied so far on this matter. The only "local" library of which I am aware that carries any of these is the Oregon State University library, and they have the issues from 1918-1948 in off-site storage. You have to request them to bring them to the library. Since the library is about a two-hour drive away and you have to ask for items in storage in person the day before you want to use them I was hoping to avoid having to ask for all 31 volumes just on the hope that something relevant exists.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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Richard Townsend wrote:
> Here's what I suspect is a forlorn hope: is there a comprehensive
> index to these publications? If not, other than by going through
> each issue, how does one find anything about, say, a steam era
> freight car? If there are annual indices, and they collected
> somewhere?

I"m not aware of a comprehensive index. The publications
themselves prepared quite good and detailed annual indices, and these
have usually been bound into the front of annual bound volumes at
libraries. I have used them quite successfully over the years, and
have found them accurate and complete.

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