Re: Orange & Lemons Shipped West

Tim O'Connor

You don't say where Harcove is (I can't find any such place on a map)
but am I right to assume this is somewhere EAST of St Louis/Chicago/etc?

Anywho, I strongly doubt any unspoiled citrus would be travelling west
through Enola PA to the west coast. Makes no sense at all.

Jerry Stewart had a funny story at Naperville about receiving a reefer
from the east that had not been fully unloaded even though it was "empty".
He re-consigned the car to the receiver who had failed to unload it, and
the receiver was billed for the now "loaded" car and had to empty the
rotten produce. He said the receiver never made that mistake again.

On the other hand, produce travelled West all the time on the SP. Every
train from Salinas towards Roseville and the Overland Route began as a
Westbound movement, since it had to move in the direction of San Francisco
before it became Eastbound (away from San Francisco).

Tim O'connor

I have some mid-1960s wheel reports from various trains. I have one wheel report of train SWC1 eastbound from "Harcove" to Enola with about 70 reefers of various fruits. Lots of PFE, SFRD, and other reefers on this train, Most of the PFE and Santa Fe cars are loaded with lemons, oranges and melons.
All of the Santa Fe cars are marked for Los Angeles, while the PFE cars are split for St Louis, Chicago, and L.A.
Dave Hopson

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