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Don't need to be refrigerated much but can't freeze.

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I took Harcove to be a contraction of Harsimus Cove on the PRR in/near Jersey City, NJ.  I don't know the details, but the 1953 PRR Through Freight Schedule shows (via carfloat and lighter, I believe) that it served "New York and Brooklyn piers and stations"; New York "Piers 27-28"; and several car forwarding companies including  Clipper Carloading, P&A Shippers Assn., and National Carloading -- Piers 49-50; and Terminal Freight and Springmeier -- 37th St. Yard.

I would have thought Harsimus Cove was a destination for fruit, not an origin.  Might this suggest that it was out-of-season imports from South America?

Lou Whiteley
Lawrenceville, NJ

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You don't say where Harcove is (I can't find any such place on a map)
but am I right to assume this is somewhere EAST of St Louis/Chicago/ etc?

Anywho, I strongly doubt any unspoiled citrus would be travelling west
through Enola PA to the west coast. Makes no sense at all.

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