Gondola question

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Hi to the group

And to all of you the very best for Christmas and the New Year. I have a small question I have an N scale kit of a GS Composite side gondola from Dimi Trains, it started life as a Sugar Beet gondola with the high sides but after some surgery and modifications gives me a reasonable facsimilie of the Union Pacific G-50-11. I know that it is not 100% correct but it is pretty close. I have the Union Pacific freight car book by Terry Metcalfe which give a good picture on page 150 of the car and the lettering. Question is does anyone know of a decal sheet available in N scale for these cars if not what colour should the lettering be it is hard to make out in the book if it is white or yellow, or indeed a mixture of both? I can probably make up enough lettering to make the car look OK from other sheets but I would need to know wether the lettering was white or yellow can anyone assist?

Rob McLear
Brisbane Australia.

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