Re: Holiday Greetings

Viv Brice

Right on, Tim.
Happy holidays from Down Under
Viv Brice


From: [] On Behalf Of Tim
Sent: Tuesday, 22 December 2009 4:36 PM
Subject: Re: [STMFC] Holiday Greetings


I protest against this hemispherical chauvinism! For some freight
cars in this world, Dec 21st is the LONGEST day of the year.

Tim O'Connor

At 12/21/2009 05:30 PM Monday, you wrote:
Joe, the first day of spring is the vernal equinox, when the day and
night are each 12 hours. December 21st is the winter solstice, the
shortest day of the year. This is of course all relevant to steam era
freight cars because it was the railroads that invented "standard time"
<G>. Otherwise time, and therefore length of day, was determined at
each location...

So a joyous solstice to all of you out there and especially you

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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