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Gary Roe

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Thanks everyone for your more than helpful responses - I would never have guessed that so much imformation would be coming my way!
Several folks sent me images off-list, thank you for those as they were very helpful.

Here is my admittedly meager comtribution to the topic...

A builders photo from the 1931 CBC (TSC #46) pg 215...

An set of images of the N-scale Micro-Trains gon in CB&Q paint...

Lastly, am image of the undecorated Micro-Trains shell...

The car looks pretty good rite out of the box, and the factory lettering appears to be correct. A few things need to be fixed.

* The car comes with a straight center sill, and the prototype has a fishbelly center sill. This needs to be corrected

* The car rides too high and needs to be lowered

* The car comes with a side-mounted brake wheel. While the photos I've received are not entirely conclusive, it appears these cars
had (I'm not sure I've for the terminology right) lever brakes, much like those on the as-delivered USRA composite gons. This will
need to be changed as well

* The car comes with dreadnaught drop ends, and they should be 5-rib inverse Murphy. Not sure how to correct this...

* The two end panels in the Micro-Trains model are slightly longer then the rest of the panels, and the prototype was just the
opposite. I'm not going to make any effort to correct this. Oh well!

Thanks again everyone, I've got some fun work to do.

- Claus Schlund


Please consider writing an article on your conversion and sending it to "N Scale Railroading" magazine.

gary roe
quincy, illinois

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